Morris County NJ Nutritionist For Sports Performance

By Jose Fuentes/C.S.P.S/CN

How To Improve Your Spots Performance With Our  Nutrient Timing  System:

As a Morris County NJ Sports Nutritionist, I have heard many athletes complaining of the same thing:

What Can I Eat To Run faster?

What Can I Eat To Jump Higher?

What can I drink before my football game to increase my energy and endurance?

How can I increase size for football season?

It all boils down to the same thing; Nutrient timing, nutrient timing!

Most ‘Morris County NJ Sports Athletes’  fail big when it comes to nutrient  timing practices. Poor nutrition can lead to; tiredness, cramps, over training and poor sports performance!

Start with Rapid Anabolic Gains Practices. That can last for up to 4 hours. Or what I call the Anabolic Phase! This is possible with a sustain segment in which muscle grows continues but a slower rate. This phase is mainly influenced by your diet. You have to supplement your diet in the next 45 minutes that follow your sports practice. When supplementation does not occur , blood insulin levels will remain and blood cortisol levels will be elevated. You don’t want that; since cortisol is a muscle destroyer hormone!

Also when supplementation doesn’t occur properly; muscle glycogen will remain depleted. Protein degradation and muscle membrane damage will continue. There is continue damage from free radicals and that without nutrient intervention muscles start to go from state of high insulin sensitivity to state of insulin resistance. Once insulin resistance develops, the ability of your muscles cells to maximize anabolic activity, even in the presence of right nutrients, is severely compromised. When the cellular machinery becomes insulin resistant, which start about 2 hours after exercise, it continues for 16 hours or longer!

As explain muscles are extremely sensitive to insulin during exercise. The sensitivity increases without any nutrient intervention. And muscles actually become insulin resistant two hours after exercise. The insulin resistant state can last up to sixteen hours after exercise if nutrient intake is withheld!

Consumption of a carbohydrate/protein sports drink during exercise and a carbohydrate/protein recovery drink post-exercise prevents the development of insulin resistance, allowing the muscles cells to maintain a high level of anabolic activity. To the degree that you can extend the muscles’ insulin sensitivity for up to three to four hours after the anabolic phase, you will be rewarded with greater gains in lean muscle mass  and strength. It is important to remember that the goal is not to keep blood insulin levels high for the full 24 hour growth cycle.This would not be beneficial, but if you can maintain, elevated blood insulin, and muscle insulin sensitivity, during the rapid segment, the benefits to your muscle development  program will be substantial!

Use these top foods to fill your body with glycogen and avoid protein degradation. Pre and post training foods:



Cactus pear


Celery Juice



Almond butter and organic jelly on Ezekiel bread

Jack fruit

Tornado Whey Protein

Tornado Pump pre workout