Jose’s Speed And Power Laws Unveiled!!

By Jose Fuentes/Scientist/Researcher/CSPS/CN/CSN

I will unveil some of my  researches on the developing of speed through: gravity, levity, friction and motion.

Few athletes understand that most of  strength coaches based their work on what they learn from current data. I passed that stage. Therefore, as a prolific researcher I went back thousands of years to find ancient hieroglyphics or manuscripts in Latin from the greatest speed and power engineer the world has ever known: Mr. Leonardo Davinci, as well as Isaac Newton and others. After a relentless search for over 10 years of studies. I came out with laws that will change the way athletes ignite power and speed faster than no one else.

I do not like to  train  groups of athletes. These laws are sensitive and the work of years of research and relentless effort. I will pass this to individuals that qualify and in private.  My scientific state of the art researches of speed and power discoveries will be pass to each individual ONE ON ONE!

JOSE’S Speed And Power Laws:


1-Gravity force together with percusion are not only interchangably to be called mother or daughters the one or the others and all sisters together. Because they may be all produce by movement, but they are all producers and daughters of this movement, because without these within us movement cannot create, nor such powers can be revealed without movement.

2- Deal first with weight (gravitation)

then with its supports (statics)

then with friction

then with motion (kinetics)

and lastly with percusion

First deal with weight, then with movement, which creates force, then with this force and lastly with the blow!

3-Levity and gravity are  caused by immediate motion. Motion is created by

heat and cold.


4-Motion is an incident created by inequality of weight and force.


The motion of the elements arises from the sun.

The heat of the universe is produced by the sun.

The light and the the heat of  the universe come fro the sun and its cold and darkness from the withdrawal of the sun. Then why 99.9 % of strength coaches  keep training athletes for speed and power indoors. Would all the equipment and new engenieering devices most powerful than the all mighty sun and its rays?

5-Gravity, force, movement and percussion are the four accidental powers with which all the visible works of mortals have their existence and their end.


Gravity: Gravity is accidental power, which is created by movement and infused in bodies standing out of their natural position.

Gravity and lightness are equal powers created by one element being transfer into the other. In every function they are so alike, that may be named a single power. For they have merely variation in the bodies in which they are infused. And in the movements of creation and deprivation.

That body is  said to be heavy which being free directs its movement to its centre  of  the world by the shortest way.

The body is said to be light which being free flees from the centre of the world; and each is from equal power. Important to observe that the athletes weight must be kept under control And the most he weights the harder will be to move.

6-Force And Weight:

Here we ask whether gravity is produced by itself or by force. Or whether force is produced is produced by itself or by gravity.

What difference is between force and weight:

Force is spiritual essence which by accidental violence is united to weighty bodies, restraining them from following their natural inclination; and here although of short duration it often shows itself of marvelous power.

Force and weight have much in common in all their powers and they differ only in the motion of their birth and death.

For weight simply dies with the arrival at its native place, but force is born and dies with every motion!

Weight is power created by the motion that transports one element into another by means of force, and the length of its life corresponds to its effort to regain its native place.

Force is the product of dearth and profusion. It is the child of material motion and the grand child of  spiritual motion, and the mother and origin of weight. Weight is confined to the elements of water and earth, BUT FORCE IS UNLIMITED. For by  it  infinite worlds can be set in motion if it were possible to make instruments by which this force could be generated.

The spirit of the sentient animals moves through the limbs of their bodies and when the muscles it has entered are responsive it causes them to swell, and as they swell they shorten and in their shortening they pull their tendons that they are joined to them. And from this arises the force and movement of human limbs. Consequently material movements spring from spiritual.

The quality and quantity of the force in man will have the power of giving birth to other force, and this will be greater in proportion as the movement is longer.

Weight and force together with the motion of bodies and percussion are the 4 powers of nature by which the human race in its marvelous and various works seems to create a second nature in this world. For by the use of such powers all the visible works of mortals have their being at their dead.

7-What is force:


Force is defined as incorporeal agency, an invisible power, which by means of  unforeseen external pressure is caused by the movement stored up and diffused within bodies which are withheld and turned aside from their natural uses.  Imparting to these and all active lives of marvelous power it constrains to all  created things to change of form and position, and hastens furiously to its desire death. Changing as it goes according to circumstances. When it is slow its strength is increased  and speed enfeebles it. It is born in violence and dies in liberty. And the greater it is more quickly it is consumed. It drives away in fury whatever opposes its destruction. Its desires  to conquer and slay the cause of opposition and in conquering destroys itself. It waxes more powerful where its finds the greatest obstacle.

More laws coming soon…