26 Jul 2015

Morris County NJ #1 Speed Program For Athletes

By Jose Fuentes/Human Movement Science Specialist/CSPS


Strength And Conditioning under water is a technique that few have mastered in the world of  speed and power!

The art of working under the immense power and friction of the water!! The scarcity and abundance of muscles under water lever and counter lever constantly, creating a muscle twitch fiber recruitment like no other mechanism of speed and power training.


Water provides multi directional resistance. Your muscles typically work in pairs, and the resistance of water allows you to work opposing muscle groups in balance, without having to reposition yourself and repeat the drill as you do on land to achieve similar results…Do you see the power of this?

The multidirectional resistance creates and environment ideal for functional conditioning–the kind that makes your body work better as unified link system!

Water also acts as a cushion for your body. According to the aquatic exercise association, your body when immerse up to the chest bears approximately 25 to 30 % of your total body weight. When your body immerse to the waist it bears 50%. This bouyancy allows many athletes to do movements that may otherwise be difficult on land. And creates a shock absorbing cross training environment that will not only empower the athlete’s  stretch shortening cycle but will also prevent injuries, improve strength and flexibility in no time!

Impetus, impetus, impetus!!

I applied impetus in every form of speed training under water. But you may be asking what is impetus?

Impetus is a power transmitted from the mover to the movable thing. And maintained  by the wave of the air or by the water  as they move in order to prevent the the vacuum which will be produced contrary to the natural law.

Strength and conditioning upon water teaches man how birds fly upon the air. The water will help the athlete to keep the curve of the foot outward to obtain better perception on the push off phase while sprinting (going forward).

Moving through the water with multidirectional instability will help the athlete acquire speed, gain core control and stimulate his join proprioceptors to prevent injuries. As well as a tremendous amount of leverage when the athlete accelerate, decelerate and stops. The athlete stride length and cadence will be more accurate and powerful. HE WILL DRAMATICALLY INCREASE HIS FLIGHT ON A STRAIGHT COURSE!

Why water does all this?

Because water adds more resistance than anything you have tried. From 12 to 18%  more than when you exercise on land!  Every move you make in water increases resistance for your muscles, which increases strength and speed!


Your bench press of 500 lbs,heavy farmer walks, power lifting, tough moves, boungies, pulleys and all the great  tred sleds treadmills and wonderful machines are absolutely obsolete when you are put through water explosive science laws of motion for optimum sports performance !

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