31 Mar 2015

NJ’s #1 Physical Training Center For Police Academy

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The push up is an important element build into any program. You must be aware of your form, breathing technique and timing. For police officers is an important element to become fit and is required during the test, So watch the video below and practice some of the variations I put together, for the purpose of this article.

Event #1 – Push-Ups
This test is used to measure the muscular strength/endurance of the upper body, particularly the shoulders, chest, and triceps (back of upper arm) used in high intensity defensive tactics training and application. This is a critical component of use of force involving pushing, grabbing, and breaking one’s fall to the ground, as well as getting back up off the ground.
The push-up is conducted with the participant starting in the up position. A counter lies facing the participant with a four-inch cube placed under the participant’s chest. The count begins when the participant’s chest compresses the cube and finishes when the participant returns to the up position with the elbows fully extended.
A correct pushup is performed when the participant’s back is flat (NO arch or bow), the feet are together (one foot can be placed on the heel of the other), and the hands are shoulder width apart. You may only rest in the up position.

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