About Jose

About Jose
  • Morris County NJ Power And Speed Specialist

Introducing Jose Fuentes


By David Greenhouse/Journalist

*D-Certified Strength Conditioning
Specialist ***D-Certified Sports Nutritionist/Herbalist/Nutrition Scientist/Aromatherapist/kinesiologist

Attentive charming and eager to please. Jose uses all the modern and (unlike everyone else) engineering  techniques for maximum muscle fiber recruitment to achieve speed and power development. Besides Jose’s impeccable, impressive, and extensive background on speed and power performance. Jose has studied closely the laws of friction and gravity. As well as acceleration laws. Further more, how power & velocity  is generated by applying force. Ancient manuscripts and books have been obtained by him from different parts of the world on studies from Leonardo Da Vinci And Isaac Newton. Rarely or ‘never’  a strength  coach will engage in studies pertaining how force, power and speed is generated from methods such as  solar waves, air waves, water waves, elastic waves. Jose’s formulas for power are successful and unique. Because research has been carefully made by him on the subject. Using those manuscripts and books from the  fathers of POWER AND SPEED DEVELOPMENT. Jose Fuentes also brings to the table an extensive background of nutritional research. Having completed studies on Nutrient timing, healing methods by food. And apply photosynthesis on sports performance training methods.

Jose has been licensed with over 6 certifications in sports nutrition science. He has also helped recovered many athletes from injuries through proper nutrient consumption, physical therapy, herbs and aromatherapy. Jose has contributed in fitness magazines on  strength and conditioning and weight loss. Such as Best Body, Exercise for Men, Natural bodybuilding and others. Recently, he has refused to make contributions in any magazine since most of them contain 3 pages of somewhat valuable information, and 20 more pages are selling ads, ‘according to him.

Among some of his goals are the start of  new strength and conditioning online  journals. In which he can reveal some of his work and research. 

Jose Fuentes is also the founder  of Shapes R In Fitness LLC a weight control and personal training clinic. And also Shapes R In Supplements LLC, a gluten free holistic sports performance nutritional supplements.

He is happily married and prefers the rural living lifestyle. He lives in Oak Ridge NJ with his 2 pet  boxers Deanna and Bambam and his wife Claudia.Eats organic, he is a vegan. Grows his own food, despises tobacco in any form. Never touches a drink and goes to bed no later than 9 pm to wake up at 5 am 7 days a week. If he sounds like the strength coach and nutritionist  you were waiting for, then what’s stopping you?