Our Program

We have an in-season, off season and post season training regimen for each athlete.
However, our programs are really based on three critical stages.

Ages 7 to 13

Tornado Velocity Youth Program:
The Peak rate of height growth occurs at age 11.4 in girls and age 13.4 in boys.
Therefore, exercise along with an adequate diet is essential for proper bone growth.
Our program will promote speed and agility while proper massive bone density will be
developed. Strenght and power will increased and the student self steem will improve fast
as a result!
This phase is created for the student to build a massive physical foundation, to improve
coordination and to increase speed-agility.

Our Program Enhance:
• Height and weight
• Bone Development
• Coordination
• Running Technique
• Flexibility
• Injury prevention
• Weight Issues
• Self confidence

Ages 14 To 17

At this stage the athlete muscle mass increases steadily along with weight gain. In
boys the rate of muscle mass increases peaks at puberty, when testosterone production
increases dramatically! Girls do not experience this sharp increase due to hormonal
differences. Muscle mass in boys and girls result primarily from fiber hyperthrophy
(increase in fiber size) with little or not hyperplasia (increase in fiber numbers. Most of
this gain occurs when the muscle development rates peaks at puberty!

At this stage, our program will enhance:

• Linear speed
• Flexibility
• Deceleration techniques
• Acceleration
• Stabilization techniques
• Increase Speed
• Increase total body strength
• Increase agility
• Develop endurance
• Maximize jumping ability
• Injury prevention
• Boost confidence


Our Exclusive optimizing training model:
Peak performance for college & Professional athletes.

Repeated days and weeks of training can be considered positive stress because training
improves your capacity for energy production, tolerance of physical stress, and
exercise performance. The magnitude of these adaptations depends on the volume and
intensity of exercise performed during training. Who has led our competition believe
ERRONEOUSLY that the athlete who undertakes the greatest volume (quantity) and
intensity (quality) of training will be the best performer. We see too often training
sessions conducted by many of our competitors (strength coaches) judge by the total
volume. Such as: distance run, cycling, swum of heavy lifting, etc. Unfortunately, this is
performed on each training session, leading coaches to design training programs that are
not specific for the sport and often imposed unrealistic demands on the athlete.

Our optimal training model follows a sequence that incorporates the principals of
periodization, in that the body needs to systematically go through stages of under-
training. Acute overload and overreaching to maximize performance.
The training is unmatched in its intensity and utilizes advance training methodologies to
help athletes perform at their peak!

Our Program Will Help To:
• Restore Performance After Injury
• Develop Explosive Power
• Increase Vertical Jump
• Break Their All Time Max Lift
• Develop Muscular Endurance
• Develop Strength
• Tapering for peak performance
• Break Through Previous Speed And Strength Plateaus
• Sports Nutrition Practices For Total Peak Performance