I came to Jose due to a bad injury on my right lower hamstring that put me out for months. I knew Jose was my last shot before I gave up baseball. That injury also caused a serious damage to my speed and overall strength since I couldn’t train.  Jose’s knowledge in rehabilitation and the human body’s healing process is amazing. Coming from a family of physical therapists I knew he was the right trainer for me. My weight was another issue, I gained 30 lbs. Therefore, I needed someone with knowledge in sports injuries, speed and strength conditioning and nutrition. Jose is the best nutritionist, with his guidance I lost 30 lbs, his training methods have made me a lot quicker, more explosive and a lot stronger. Jose pushes you to be the best.  I add over 6″ to my vertical jump, my self esteem is much better and I recovered my confidence. Jose put me again at the top of the mountain.My hamstring is not only 90% healed but I am  also a much better athlete. I will  stay  with Jose till the end of my Baseball career. I tell him and he already knows that ‘I will never leave him! 

I’ve done other speed clinics in Morris County NJ and none is even close!

I feel every athlete should be with him for combine training,  injuries or nutrition he will get you at your very best!

Andrew Ferrara/Morris Catholic Baseball Outfielder/Roxbury NJ//#TornadoTeamLoyal



My name is Kate Simon and I’m a 14 years old  gymnast from Denville NJ.

I have been competed at a state and national level since I was 10 years old. I came to Jose Fuentes because I had issues with my flexibility and core strength. Jose taught me proper strength and flexibility exercises for my sport. He customed tailor a program base on my needs. After my 6th week, my core was amazingly stronger, my low back issues were gone. My balance and flexibility improved. Jose is the best trainer!

I love coming to him and I wish I could train with him forever!..THANK YOU JOSE!

Kate Simon/Denville NJ/Gymnast/State Champion/#Tornado Team Loyal



mamut3 Before training with Jose at Tornado Velocity, I was at high  40’s , a 4.35 shuttle, and a 28 inch vertical. I needed just a bit more tuning before the 2014 football season started. After using the Tornado  workout for only three weeks, I got my forty down under 4.55, my shuttle 4.25, and vertical up to 30 inches…Jose’s program works!

Kamau Dumas/Mommouth University Cornerback


My son is only 10 years old. Since He started going to speed classes at Jose’s clinic  every single soccer travel team is after him. I see a HUGE improvement on his speed, confidence, balance and behavior. Jose knows his stuff. He is a great coach, compassionate, and goal oriented. My son Gavin has increased his vertical jumped by 8″ in only 6 weeks!!..He is faster on the field and stronger. I urge any parent that is reading this to call Jose and try one of his classes!

George Scavino/Roxbury NJ/ Proud Parent




I’ve been with Jose since highschool. Jose’s work out has gave me  that extra edge I needed over my opponents and other athletes. I continue to do his workouts and my forty got down and my vertical has increased 60%. I’m bench pressing and squatting a lot more ( through the workout) . My endurance and overall conditioning have been much better, and I’m truly  at the top of my game.  I feel great each year I play and I’m sure that Jose can help any serious athletes overall speed and conditioning!

Will Davies/Kings University Cornerback




I’m at my senior year in highschool. Jose’s dedication and knowledge has been absolutely determined for my success at hockey. I feel better on the ice, more balance,and better  coordination. My strength has improved dramatically. I reccomend Jose to any serious athlete that want to improve his speed and overall conditioning.

Adam Katz/ Rockaway NJ/ Morris Knolls Ice Hockey Team Captain




I’ve been with Jose since highschool. After a dissapointing freshman year at Albright University. I cameback to Jose to improved speed and my agility as well as my power. I didnt only Ace all my tests but I also became the  MVP Ofensive Player  the year 2013.

I will always thank Jose for all my accomplishments and for his dedication and commitment to help me reach my athletic goals!

Craig Kimbrough/Rockaway NJ/Albright University  &  FDU Running Back




I’ve been with Jose since I was 12. Jose has  simply brought my conditioning and speed  to a whole new level. My vertical jump increased dramatically, I’m faster, stronger and proud to be the  Georgetown University Soccer’s  Team Captain!..Without Jose I could have never done it!

Ozzy Martinez/Berdnasville NJ/Georgetown University Soccer’s  Team Captain




I suffered from Osgood-Schlatter disease (OSD). Doctors told me I would never played baseball again. I went to see Jose and he thought differently. He not only fixed my kneee problem but also made me a more explosive and stronger athlete. I love going to Jose twice per week!..My confidence and self-steem has increased tremendously and feel like there is nothing I cant accomplished!

Thanks Jose!..Dilan Shaw/Denville NJ




I feel like a machine!..My endurance, core power and strenght has dramatically improved..Jose is the man when it comes to this kind of training!!

Adam The Mateo/PRO MMA Fighter/Roxbury NJ




I really appreciate the fact that Jose has not only helped my son Bill with his goal in becoming a better athlete, but also cultivated this behavior. I am sure that Jose, is a huge part of his success with his athletics and his demeanor concerning the total athlete that he has become…Thanks Jose

LatifaS./ Proud Parent/Parsippany NJ