Hydration And Nutrition:

By Jose Fuentes/S.N.C.S/Body Ecologyst/Master Strength Coach 

Here  is my six step blueprint for optimum Sports Nutrition.

1-Hydration And My 80/20 Rule. I will teach you the proper way to stay hydrated. You will learn the exact amount of water you should be consuming for your specific sport. Don’t just drink water because you heard it is great. Learn the science behind it and apply it right away!..80 percent of your diet should come from fluid intake. Staying hydrated is the most important thing an athlete can do to improve performance. Extreme activities may result in 3 percent water weight loss in an event (which is consider clinically dehydrated)  

2-My Macro-mineral Nutrient Consumption For MACROGAINS!  

Solid dehydration is only the first problem. Further more nutrients are lost in ripening, storing dying cooking, freezing, blanching, pasteurization, hydrogenation and ultra filtration. Just a quick example: Peel an apple and let it rest for 5 min or more. By the time you eat it, THE FLESH has turned brown loosing all of its nutrients! This is a sign that the apple has oxidize in storage!. There is 3 minerals that will help you get totally hydrated and will give endurance that you never seen coming! These minerals come from food extracts  and are responsible for cell growth!..few, very few sports nutritionist are aware of which of those are! 

3-Fatty, Fatty, Fatty 

If you value your health fat content alone is enough to turn you off meats. But that’s only the beginning most foods in America are seriously contaminated with antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and other chemical residues.

Healthy meat:The free range organically grown meat that made America great, the meat that anyone used to eat is now a hard to find luxury . With all the publicity given to organic farming and clean food, you would think the market is booming. No way the going is tough to convert to chemical free, low fat livestock! With over 90%of America’s agricultural land pesticide contaminated, you pay an arm and a leg for every bit that it isn’t. With my tornado diet I will go in detail in how to buy organic and where to buy it. My top essential fatty acids for joint and ligament support. My # 1 grass fed DOUBLE BONE cut for Sports performance. Furthermore, you will learn how AND WHEN  to eat these fats for optimal performance. My secret fatty acid mix for top performance and much more!! 

4-Protein Myths 

The biggest lie that still prevail about protein and 99% of all Strength conditioning coaches are extremely uneducated as far as this topic. Part of their reason is that THEY ARE NOT SPORTS NUTRITIONISTS!… Learn why you should never, ever incorporate more than 20% of protein of your caloric intake. And I am being generous. I WILL ALSO UNVEIL:

  • ·         Best protein sources and peak times for consumption
  • ·         Lear my secret non animal based protein sources for peak performance.(And no, they are not eggs)
  • ·         One of the top reasons why anyone wants to consume protein for sports performance shouldn’t be to look huge. It surprises me and  I laugh at coaches that believe their athlete’s diet should be based on chicken and steak! The whole purpose of protein consumption for sports specific activities is  to enhance muscle architecture. Enhancing what’s called the actin-myosin binding for muscle contraction purposes. These are  globular multi-functional proteins that forms microfilaments. Which your body generates for muscle contractions. I will teach you step by step what are the best protein sources to replenish these microfilaments and make your body a muscular contracting machine! (And no It is not WHEY PROTEIN ALONE!)
  • ·         My Enzyme matrix for fast protein delivery and longer sustainability!


5- Carbohydrate Consumption For Premium Fuel: 

The biochemistry works like this: Primary fuel for exercise is called Adenosine Triphospahte (ATP), It is a lot easier for the body to break down muscle glycogen and blood glucose into ATP than break up fat!. Consequently ATP is formed a lot faster from carbs than from fat. For example, athletes that follow my Tornado Diet System used only carbs as fuel, Therefore, their energy formation jumps right away. Almost  5 times the energy that can be derived from fat and the so called energy drinks.. Some researches have made big news of the discovery of the higher the level of an athlete’s conditioning the more fat he can use for fuel. True but feed them properly on carbs and they will beat their fat burning performance every time guaranteed!  

This is what you will get here: 

  • ·         The right times of carbohydrate intake. Learn my secret formula to divide carbs effectively each day for optimal performance!
  • ·         Glycogen Synthase. This is an enzyme that controls glycogen storage energy purposes. For top performance you need to hit your body with the right amount of carbs while this enzyme is dancing in your body!
  • ·         Carb digestion for top Speed. Learn why glucose polymers will make you lighter and faster in the field or court. Learn which ones are. Sports drinks and bars have made a big deal of the term (Glucose Polymer) as if it is some new scientific wonder. In fact it is old news. Many of these drinks use some variants of the starch maltodextrin. This maltodextrin  has been used in foods for at least 50 years!
  • ·         Learn my secret Carb loading and deloading for top speed an much more!

6-Weight Management Services Gain Or Lose Fast!